Is Burano worth visiting?

Often described as a mini Venice, Burano is a beautiful town filled with colourful houses and delicious food.

With Venice being a busy and popular destination, only 9.3 kilometres lies Burano. Just a 50 minute boat ride can take you to this colourful island which is much quieter than Venice!

But is Burano worth visiting? Yes, of course it is! An island described as a mini Venice alone needs to be visited!

Whether you spend a day here or a couple of hours, here are a few places you should try to visit in Burano!

Museo del Merletto

Burano has a history and tradition of needle lace making, so it’s no surprise there is a Lace Museum here! Buy your tickets online and learn the history and stories of the lacemaking that has taken place over the years in Burano.

There are also limited exhibits that take place throughout the year.

Centro Studi Torcellani

The Centro Studi Torcellani is a beautiful part of Burano, with colourful fishermen’s houses and spectacular views. You can come here throughout the day when you want a peaceful spot to sit down and enjoy the beautiful views.

There is also the only bridge that connects to Mazzorbo that you can easily cross.

House of Bepi Suà

Even though all the houses in Burano are brightly coloured, Bepi’s House is the most colourful house in Burano. The outside of the house is red and blue with different coloured shapes, you won’t miss it!

The whole area around this house is full of colour, so make sure you walk around the streets nearby!

Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Martino Vescovo

Church of Saint Martin Bishop is a 16th century Roman Catholic church in the middle of Burano. The church is made from brick with some marble decorations and also has a leaning bell tower at the back of the church.


Burano is a great island to visit for some mouth watering food to eat. The island has all kinds of great restaurants to come to for a delicious meal. Some great options to go to for tasty meals include Trattoria Al Gatto Nero, Trattoria da Romano, and Ristorante Pizzeria Principe.

If you are staying in Venice and looking to branch out to Burano and other islands, check out this Venice island tour! Not only will you see Burano, but you will also stop by Murano and Torcello too.

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