5 must see attractions in Venice

Come see some of the most popular attractions the floating city has to offer.

piazza san marco

Venice is a small city in Italy that consists of 118 islands that are linked by over 400 bridges. The city is best to be explored on foot, by ferries, or even gondolas.

When you’re making your way to each of these five attractions, check out some small laneways and find yourself a cafe to stop by for a coffee or food to fuel up.

1. Doge’s Palace

Doges Palace

Doge’s Palace was the residence place for the elected leaders of Venice, known as the doges.

Today you can enter the palace and view the rooms full of artwork, sculptures, and the prisons. You’ll also walk across the Bridge of Sighs. The bridge sits over the Rio del Palazzo and is where prisoners were able to get their last look at the outside world.

2. Rialto Bridge

The most famous and oldest bridge in Venice is the Rialto Bridge. The bridge was built between 1588 to 1591 and was designed by Antonio da Ponte. The bridge was built to have better access to Rialto.

3. Piazza San Marco

St Mark’s Square is the main square in Venice. Within the square, some restaurants and cafes look inviting to sit down at and enjoy a meal or coffee. You could find yourself sitting at Caffe Florian which is over 300 years old while looking around the 1000 year old buildings.

4. St Mark’s Basilica

st mark's basilica

Often known as the Church of Gold, St Mark’s Basilica was built to guard the stolen relics from Egypt. You can just imagine how the inside will look, with real gold mosaics, a collection of Persian carpets, and incredible artwork.

To avoid the long queues, we recommend lining up early before the basilica opens or buy skip the line tickets.

5. Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

The Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute is a Roman Catholic church and one of the most popular in Venice. The church has a dome which you likely will see as you’re walking around the city.

The church is free to visit during opening hours and the best way to get here is via a ferry to Salute.

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