Guide to Venice

Venice is one of Italy’s most romantic cities built on over 100 small islands within a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea.

St. Mark’s Square

From the picturesque waterways, ornate architecture, cobbled streets and singing gondoliers, the floating city of Venice is a dreamscape that draws people back to it, time after time.

How to explore Venice?

Lest you’re spoilt for choices, we’ve master-crafted ways to explore Venice in a day.

  • 1. Visit St. Mark’s Square

    St. Mark’s Square houses the most recognizable landmarks in Venice from the freestanding Basilica’s bell tower to intricately designed St. Mark’s Basilica and not to forget the opulent Doges’ Palace. The rectangular square beautifully encapsulates the splendor of Venice’s centuries-old legacy and its tourist-fuelled present!

  • 2. Enjoy the tour of Leonard da Vinci Museum

    Museo Leonardo da Vinci

    Unravel the life, the works and the secrets of the legendary genius Leonard da Vinci at this interactive museum for $9.13. The museum lets you experience the thrill as you immerse yourself in the fantastic construction of some war machines. Also, you can appreciate the high-resolution backlit replicas of his major paintings, including the unparalleled Mona Lisa.

  • 3. Experience Venice on the water

    Venice Gondola

    Gondal is an ornately decorated traditional Venetian boat that caters to one of the most romantic rides in Italy. Embrace the charm of an unforgettable experience as the gondolier maneuvers through the quaint canals of Venice, gliding by historical sites, and serenades for 30 minutes at €80(€100 post 7pm). To get the best of the ride start the dreamy journey from either the Grand Canal or St. Mark’s Square.

  • 4. Marvel the exquisite Grand Canal

    Venice Grand Canal

    Grand Canal is Venice’s largest canal (3.8km) that passes through the heart of the city in a large S-bend shape. Traveling to the Grand Canal at night is a beautiful option as all the regal palaces are lit up, making the ceiling frescos and grand chandeliers visible.

    P.S. It’s a sight to behold that’ll make your heart skip a beat.

  • 5. Get lost to explore the zigzagging maze of Venice

    Sounds cliché but it is the best way to explore Venice through the winding streets, climbing bridge after bridge. Soak in the real charm of the city with a warren of streets and marble facades as you land in lesser-known areas of Venice from Cannaregio to Santa Croce. And as you meander along the narrow passageways, make sure to try Cicchetti, traditional Venetian tapas for €1- €2.50 in any of the traditional wine bars.

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