Everything you need to know about travelling with friends in Venice

Everyone needs to visit Venice at least once in their life during summer.

Chloe is an adventurous Content Writer at Sightseeing Tours, and she travelled to Venice last year with a friend. She shares everything she learned during her trip, so that you can make the most of yours!

Venice in summer was everything you could imagine it to be. At times it can get a bit hot, but the breeze helps cool you down. If it’s your first time in Venice, three days is enough time to see the city.

I travelled with a friend in July, so it was peak season and quite busy. But we still enjoyed ourselves and saw a lot.

Recommendations from locals

One of the best things you can do is ask for recommendations from the locals. You can do this by asking your host at your accommodation. They’ll tell you about some of the best restaurants, locations, and hidden gems.

Some hosts may even do cooking classes or walking tours, so it’s worth asking if they offer this!

Make a list of attractions you want to see

The best thing you can do is make a list of places you and your friends want to visit.

Remember that you and your friends don’t need to spend the entire trip seeing attractions together. If you wanted to see Doge’s Palace but your friend would rather explore St Mark’s Square, you can meet up later.

Exploring on your own when on a trip with a friend is a great way to give each other space and to see the things important to you.

Book tables at restaurants

Going to Venice during summer can lead to a lot of restaurants being booked out. That’s why you should book ahead to avoid disappointment!

If you’re looking for a recommendation, you should go to Nevodi and try the ravioli filled with beef shank and bone marrow. This will be one of the best ravioli you’ll have!

We went to the restaurant and booked dinner for the next night as it was fully booked the night before.

Food in Venice


Budgeting for your trip is essential. Make sure you know how much it costs for museums, how often you want to eat out, and what to budget for a gondola ride – and put money aside!

We wish we had planned our budget a bit better as it can become expensive travelling. We sadly missed out on a gondola ride since we didn’t look at the price before arriving.


The cobblestone walkways can be such a pain with your luggage, especially in the heat. Try to bring as little as possible and opt for a backpack when travelling in Venice.

Watch for pickpocket

Unfortunately, when you travel you become a target of pickpockets. Thankfully we were lucky and we didn’t get caught out. We had crossbody bags and all our items were in our bags and not in our pockets. Even when we were sitting down at restaurants, we didn’t leave anything on the tables.

Do a tour

The one thing we wish did while in Venice was a guided tour. I would’ve loved an island hopping tour as we would’ve seen a lot more of Venice.

You can’t go wrong when you’re on holiday in Venice. You can spend your days walking around the city or catching a ferry to one of the nearby islands.

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