Is a gondola ride in Venice worth it?

Explore Venice by going on a gondola and riding through the iconic canals.

To experience Venice in full, going on a gondola ride is really worth it! The ride is unique, and it’s not something you can get anywhere in the world. Gondolas are part of the history and tradition in Venice. Most people find gondolas worth it because it’s something different to do and it’s an iconic way to explore Venice.

What can I expect on a gondola ride?

Gondola rides can be a bit expensive and out of budget for the regular traveller. If a gondola ride is an activity on your bucket list, keep aside between €80 – €100. Though it may be a bit expensive, the ride is about 40 minutes long, so it’s not a short ride!

Another thing to expect is that not all gondoliers are singers. If you would like a gondolier singer, you may need to book a specific type and pay a bit extra.

Gondolas no longer provide shade like they used to. This gives you the chance to have a better view of your surrounding without something in the way! But make sure to use sunscreen as it can be quite hot in summer.

When is the best time to go on a gondola?

You can go on a gondola during the day or at night, but the night time trips are slightly more expensive.

If you go on a gondola during the night, the cost is cheaper and you can see everything clearly during the day, but it can get hot during summer. You’ll need to remember to wear sunscreen and bring a hat and sunglasses.

The night tours bring something magical because of all the beautiful lights. Another plus, the weather is cooler, and you can be on a gondola while the sun sets. as mentioned before, the night gondola rides are slightly more expensive but you’ll be in awe of the lights and experience an unforgettable night.

Where can I book a gondola ride?

You can book a ride in person by approaching a gondolier with a free gondola. You can also book a tour in advance so you don’t have to try to find one once in Venice. For a slightly cheaper cost than your typical gondola ride, you can book a 30 minute ride online. You can book the ride in the morning or the afternoon.

Or you can book your own private gondola tour and admire iconic landscapes as you ride through the Venice canals.

If a gondola ride through the canals is a bit too expensive, there are cheaper options to get you across the waters. It is like a form of public transport, and you’ll be sharing the gondola with others. But you still get the experience of being on a gondola, even if it’s for a couple of minutes!

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