What should you not miss in Venice?

Venice is one of those wonderfully distinctive towns where you almost feel as if you’ve stepped out of the world and entered a fairytale! Its lavish canals and ornate architecture are largely unchanged, allowing tourists to experience what Italy would have been like in a time long gone by…

Gondola in Venice Italy

From the glorious St. Mark’s Basilica to the gorgeous Canale Grande, the fascinating Ponte di Rialto and the tranquil Lido, Venice has a wealth of amazing places to see within its relatively small confines.

Let’s take a look at some of them below…

St Mark’s Basilica

This incredible testament to catholicism can be spied in Hollywood films from The Italian Job to Casino Royale, but the silver screen simply can’t do the beautifully ornate building justice.

The only way to truly experience its majesty is to visit it in person, with its impressive artwork, grandeur and sculptures creating the ultimate place to start your Venice adventure.

You will be totally wowed by this most amazing structure – its unparalleled detail won’t allow anything less…

The Canale Grande

There is nothing quite like a twilight gondola ride down the Canale Grande, Venice’s largest canal. Sure, it may be a little kitschy, and it might make your too-cool-for-school travel companions balk, but it is Venice, and what makes this city so fantastically original!

So, hop aboard a gondola, allow yourself to enjoy the tacky romance of it and enjoy this most stunning waterway that runs right along some of the city’s most lavish structures!

Ponte di Rialto

The Ponte di Rialto has to be one of the most unique bridges in the world. This bizarre archway is at one time absolutely stunning and strangely iconic. Of course, it’s wonderful to pass under the archway via gondola, but it is also a joy to traverse it, as charming little stores within the bridge sell everything from souvenirs to jewellery and leather goods!

The Lido

The Lido is an island separating Venice from the Adriatic Sea, and has a much more chilled, island vibe to it than the rest of the city. There are beautiful beaches, charming stores and delightful restaurants serving up some of Venice’s famous dishes, and you can really spend some time here relaxing and taking in the more tranquil vibe after a day’s exploring in the bustling city centre.

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