Is Murano worth visiting?

Venice has 118 small islands that are linked by over 400 bridges.

Murano is a colourful island and has seven separate islands with bridges you can cross to reach each one. But Murano and each individual island are easy to walk and explore on foot.

You can spend anywhere between a few hours to a day on Murano. Some travellers will hop between Murano and a few other islands for a day.

How to get around Murano?

Similar to Venice, there aren’t any cars so you can use water taxis or gondolas to get around. But walking on foot is also easy enough to do on the island. It may sound overwhelming to walk the island, but it is easy and you can find some amazing cafes or restaurants to eat at.

What to do in Murano?

You can visit parts of Murano in a few hours and see the main highlights or you can spend a day here and see more of the island. Here is a selection of things you can do and see while in Murano.

Faro di Murano

Murano Lighthouse is 115 feet tall and is on the southeast side of Murano. The lighthouse is still active and was built in 1934. The white lighthouse has two black bands, a double balcony, and a lantern.

Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato

The Church of Santa Maria and San Donato is one of the oldest in the Venetian lagoon and was built in 950. Since then it was rebuilt in a Veneto Byzantine style between 1125 to 1141.

The Doge Domenico Michiel donated relics of bishop Saint Donatus of Euorea. The donation also included bones of the monster slain which you can see behind the altar inside the church.

Museo del Vetro

The Murano Glass Museum is a popular attraction to visit while in Murano. The island itself is known for its art glass with the island’s history of glassmaking. So there is no better place to visit a museum on glass than in Murano.

The Glass Museum takes you through Murano’s glass history including the glass art. Even the museum building itself has history as it was once the ancient residence of the bishops of Torcello!

Chiesa Santa Chiara Murano

Former Church Santa Chiara Murano, also known as the Glass Cathedral hosts entertainment, events, and much more. Once the medieval church hosted everyone to Doges, Casanova, and nuns.

Whether you visit Murano for a couple of hours or a full day, it is worth your time to visit. Murano is an interesting island and one of the more popular islands to see, especially while visiting Venice. Explore Murano on this Venice islands tour to Murano, Burano and Torcello.

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