What month does Venice flood?

Venice, the ornate town of flowing canals and kitchie gondola riders, of grand architecture and delightful cuisine, is a joy to behold for anyone who wants to enjoy some Italian indulgence.

Venice Flooded

From the majesty of the Canal Grande to the intricacy of St. Mark’s Basilica, through to the laid back charm of the Lido, Venice is a city that never fails to delight no matter how many times you’ve been there or how many times you’ve seen it in pictures!

Given that Venice is a city emerging from swampland, it has a reputation for flooding, known locally as “acqua alta” or tall water. This is the time of year when water levels get so high that they rise above the canals’ islands and swamp the feet of tourists and Venetians alike.

Acqua alta typically occurs from October to March, however flooding can occur in between this period, too! The most common acqua alta events however, occur in the months of November, December and October (in that order).

So, if you’ve never been one to go wading through high waters and would prefer the opportunity to see Venice when it’s not engulfed in waters that force you to wear thigh-high gumboots, then you’re best to head to the city in the summer period, checking out these awesome sites as you go…

St. Mark’s Basilica

St. Mark’s is probably the grandest Catholic church outside of the Vatican, with incredibly impressive details and sculptures adoring its facade. What lies inside is equally as impressive, with an incredible dome-like interior painted with some of the finest frescoes you’re likely to find in the north of Italy!

The Lido

The hustle and bustle of Venice’s canal-lined centre can, at times, be a little overwhelming, and luckily they have the perfect escape to complete the buzz – the Lido. This laid back, uber chilled part of town is built along a strandbar and looks more likely to be out of a Caribbean island than grand old Venice.

Whatever the appearance, the Lido will greet you with smiling faces, an expansive beachfront and plenty of charming cafes and restaurants to keep you sated…

Ponte de Rialto

The Rialto Bridge is easily Venice’s most spectacular: a charming, beautifully-designed archway that traverses the Canal Grande and, inside, is full of charming details and shops selling everything from leather goods to jewellery – don’t miss crossing it yourself!

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