How to Plan a Romantic Venice Getaway

With its turquoise canals, vibrant lanes and musical charm it’s hard not to feel romantic in Venice. However, it is easy to fall into some tourist traps.

Not getting your moneys worth whilst missing the best of Venice is the last thing you want for you and your beloved on your romantic getaway. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. As one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice has become a popular tourist destination for couples, leading to a skyrocket in prices. It’s hard to know what to spend your money on and what not to. Where do you stay? What do you do? Where do you start?

Leave it to us. Follow these simple steps to avoid the all too enticing tourist traps so you can have the romance without the stress.

  • Travel at the Right Time

    As with most other European destinations prices go up during the summer months of June-September. This includes flight prices, accommodation, food, activities, the lot. This is due to the influx of tourists that come into Venice and other cities during this period. Expensive and crowded – doesn’t exactly scream romantic. That’s why we recommend travelling in the shoulder season (or off-season) from October to April or May, as this will present cheaper flights and fewer crowds. This means you can put your money into seeing and doing more, whilst less crowds means you can have more privacy during your adventures.

  • Choose Adventure over Luxury

    You can still have an amazing holiday without paying out for a 5-star hotel. Venice is a city to be explored and discovered, a place to make memories and try new experiences together. Isn’t that more romantic than staying in a fancy hotel room? There are still plenty of great accommodation options to hand, from villas and guest houses to bread and breakfasts, we’re positive you’ll find something to fit your needs for half the price. We have a variety of options over on our Accommodation page, including the Ponte Chiodo guesthouse, an authentic Venetian home offering a superb location and comfortable rooms with breakfast included.

  • Go on Foot or Rent a Bike

    Release your inner child as you ride through the city side by side. Renting bikes in Venice is one of the cheapest and most fun transport options. It’s an activity you can easily do together, whilst also being a cheap and efficient way of seeing the city’s top attractions and getting a feel for Venice life. Or if you prefer to take things a little slower, hold hands as you stroll through the city, stopping in nearby shops or restaurants for a bite to eat or a quick coffee break. This offers a must more intimate and romantic experience of the city, giving you the perfect chance to spend quality time together.

  • Make a Picnic

    Take advantage of your surroundings by having a cute picnic date by the canal or maybe on your hotel balcony if you have one. This doesn’t have to be a big affair. You can simply buy a pizza slice and share it on a nearby step, or head to the supermarket and buy a baguette with some cheese and other prepared food, fresh from the deli. This is a quick and easy lunch that again means sharing something between you, and also means you can save that super romantic meal for a candle-lit dinner date in the evening.

  • Visit Local Markets

    To add to our previous point, the bulk of fresh and local food happens at Venice’s multiple marketplaces. The islands surrounding Venice produce some of the best artichokes and asparagus in the world, and of course, Italian meats and cheese are hard to match. The Rialto Market is worth a visit to experience the local Venetian life in all its glory. The smell of fresh food and spices, Italian bartering all contribute to a vibrant atmosphere which will provide warm memories of your time in Venice. Why not take a stroll through the stalls and buy a small souvenir for one another as a memento of your time together?

  • Take a Gondola Ride

    Although this can be a rather expensive experience, it couldn’t be left off the list. A gondola ride through Venice is one of the most romantic things to do in the city! Ornately decorated, gondolas are the limousines of the water and a symbol of history and tradition in Venice. If you’ve been smart with your money and followed our tips to get the best value for money romance adventure, then you shouldn’t feel bad when it comes to spending some dollar on this one-of-a-kind experience. These narrow, flat-bottomed boats glide softly through the city creating an intimate and relaxing experience. Low enough to the water you could reach out and touch it, you can see Venice through the eyes of its ancestors, whose main mode of transport was the gondola. To avoid any tourist traps and ensure you get the most out of your ride, consider booking onto our Private Gondola Tour!

Wow who knew romance could be so easy. Thanks Venice!

We hope this article has shown you that a romantic trip away doesn’t have to break the bank, and there are lots of ways you can show your love for one another without stressing over money. The heart of romance isn’t in what you can afford, its in the joy you can find in doing things together, making memories and giving your time to each other. Where better way to do this than in Venice? It’s quintessential streets and canals ooze romance, making it the perfect cosy haven for you and your partner. Now that’s romantic!

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