Canals, Bridges and Water Taxis: How To Get Around Venice

In the northeastern part of Italy, Venice is a stunning city. With no roads and cars, how can you get around the city?

Venice is made up of 126 islands with over 400 bridges, but it still happens to be a small city. The city is well worth visiting while you’re in Italy. It’s unique with endless bridges, no cars, and an ocean breeze all day long.

Discover the best ways you can get around Venice before you arrive in this beautiful part of Italy.


Ferries are a great option if you’re coming from another country like Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Slovenia. During peak season, ferries run between one to two journeys a day, while in the low season, there are none.
Depending on the journey, it can take around two hours and 45 minutes and three hours and 30 minutes.

Water taxis

Just like regular car taxis, water taxis can take you from A to B. These are great options for those travelling to or from the airport without waiting for public transport. Though they can come across as pricey, they are convenient when you need to be somewhere on time.

On foot

Walking continues to be one of the best ways to get around Venice as it’s the quickest and cheapest way. However, it can sometimes be a hassle when across the water on another island you can see where you need to get to with no bridge in sight. This is when one of the other transport options comes in handy.


For a true Venice experience, the gondola is a must for all travellers! These can be a bit pricey if you want a private one through the canals. But there are cheaper ones available to get you and a group of people from one island to another.

Alternatively, you can book a morning or afternoon gondola tour and see the iconic sights on a 30 minute trip!


Alilaguna is a popular public transport service that connects Venice to other main islands. It’s essentially a large boat that sticks to a schedule like a bus or train.

When planning a trip to Venice, you ideally only need two or three days here. This gives you enough time to island hop and get lost through all the tight laneways in the city. Join us on this tour and discover some of the city’s famous attractions.

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